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Avoid queue, Order like a boss

Going to a cinema and waiting in a queue during the interval to get snacks feels irritating!
Similarly in a restaurant, waiting for a waiter just to give your order is not cool!
Now simply open DineSmart Mobile app from your seat, browse the menu and place your order.
No more waiting/trouble in crowd.

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Merchant's Advantages

No more queue at Canteen/Candy!!!

  • Get powered with DineSmart and receive orders from customers while they are inside the auditorium. No more SOS required!!
  • As users have lots of time and will be seated in the hall, they tend to order more items and spend more money. This results in increased sales.

Want to satisfy customers who check-in your hotel?

Use DineSmart and allow your customers to avail room service & maintainance at their finger tips!!

Want to give more digital touch to your E-La-Carte system?

Get DineSmart and give freedom to your customers to order without a waiter!!

Got an express DineOut or Coffee Shop?

Use DineSmart to serve your customers in a better way and wait for their next arrival!!

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